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LitSupport Salary Survey: Do Paralegals With Tech Skills Earn More?

By Careers, EDD, Electronic discovery, Law firm recruiting, Litigation, Paralegal compensation

“In this field, you can get more information on a book to read, a car to buy or food you eat than you can on the very career that pays for everything you have or do.”
OLP invites you to participate in the first Litigation Support Survey to provide legal professionals with unparalleled insight into salary and career performance information. We’re committed to helping people make the most of their careers, so we will provide a free salary survey to give you inside information about your market value, directly from your peers.
This same set of data is used to help legal professionals make more informed career decisions.

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Legal Project Management – The Next New Area for Paralegals to Conquer?

By Books, Careers, EDD, Paralegal education, Paralegal utilization

It seems that suddenly, law firms have woken to the fact that the corporate world has a whole new technique out there to manage projects. Simply called Project Management, the area is booming. And, as always, the legal field tends to be the last to get in on the bandwagon. But for argument’s sake, let’s just say it arrived.

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