We are grateful for all of those who have entrusted us to help them.

Once again Chere Estrin has proven why she is a true expert and professional when it comes to understanding the business behind job seeking and recruiting. This webinar is packed full of great ideas and instruction on using LinkedIn to accomplish your goal of being noticed and taken seriously. As I listened to Chere's advice and teaching her passion for helping all attendees was self evident. I can easily see why she remains a sought after resource at the top of her profession.

Bob SweateDiscovery Professional & Paralegal

As a leader in nationwide legal staffing, she provides her clients access to the best current candidates in all practice areas working with both law firms and in-house legal departments. I have known Chere for close to 3 decades and have admired her dedication to the legal profession and her generosity in sharing her expertise through in person seminars and conferences and especially now through online web sessions where she is exposing knowledge of other experts to benefit those of us in the legal field. She is a warm and engaging person as well as a consummate professional. I have no doubt you would enjoy working with her if given the opportunity.

Santha Kinkead and Lewis Brisbois

I am not having any luck with [staffing agency]. They are sending me on a wild goose chase. First, they have an order and then they do not. I would rather work with you because of your level of professionalism. Thank you and I appreciate your honesty and integrity. Tricia Hamel
I thought you were amazing.

Lisa TorresDirector of Administration, Gibbs Gideon

Regardless of the technical issues everyone thought you were amazing.

Kai WilliamsUniversity of California at Irvine

Chere, without your input it could never have happened. You are the best!

Bill Chiaro

Thank you so much again for making the time to chat this morning and for the roadmap you so generously provided. I concluded our call with renewed optimism and a better understanding of how to position myself in the marketplace. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and your candor. I will be sure to send along my revised paralegal resume, once completed.

Tanya Schneider Robinson

You have great support, a reflection on your own supportive relationships.
Good role modeling.I thought you were amazing.

Linda Sherman

Thank you for your great piece on office politics! They were best advices I have read about this topic ever. I regret that it was too late for me as this Friday will be my last day at my current job. 

I will definitely use your advices in my next career. I will be jobless for a while because I was a complete “novice” at office politics. 

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Asal Rezaei

We’ve never met. You encouraged me back in 2016, 2017 on the interview and you provided a stellar list of insightful questions to ask if a prospective employer. Very empowering and so I landed the job at Olivarez Madruga Lemieux O’Neill July 8 2018.

Nancy Rawlins

Thank you for your advice and help with my resume. Your help was instrumental in this achievement[finding just the job he wanted] and I am grateful for it. Thank you. Ted Wells, Esq.
I appreciate your help through the process. You’ve been an amazing mentor.

Stephanie L.

Thank you so much Chere - your positivity is “positively” contagious. There is a reason why you are the absolute BEST at your job.... among many, many other things. I’m so lucky to have you on my team!

Regan Arklin

If your looking for someone to take your career to the next level, look no further. Chere Estrin and her team of experienced recruiters will not only find you the job of your dreams but will guide you, coach you and be there through the whole process. Not only did Chere help me see my full potential, but she really helped me believe that I was more valuable than I ever knew. She has worked in the business for years and her relationships with the biggest firms in the greater Los Anglea area are second to none. For Estrin Legal, it's not just about placing candidates, it's about establishing relationships, growing people and best of all.. changing peoples lives. She adds the most genuine approach to what she does and truly cares about who she works with. She will work endless hours until she finds the right fit for you and its apparent that she does it from the kindness of her heart. It's not all about making money for her and that is why she is so successful in changing lives. She changed mine! Thanks Estrin Legal and a great big thanks to you, Chere!

Mario CastroManager, Major Law Firm

I was mentioning to my wife the other day how excited I was to be working with you and how you were bringing in far better candidates than we had seen with other sources. She immediately said that I need to get an intro over to you.
I’ll let her pass along her resume, but she has fifteen years of experience in ediscovery, has managed/built out several groups, and is barred in a few jurisdictions.

Andrew KentChief Operating Officer, Page One Legal

Chere is still on top of everything.

Shelly WidoffParalegal Resource Center

Thank you again for your help, suggestions, and guidance. I only wish I had had the opportunity to speak with you sooner.

Janae Griffith

I will say that you have been an excellent partner.

Martin Manders

You are doing an amazing job.

Norma AyalaDirector of Administration

I would love to work with you again.

Leonardo Sanchez

Your expertise and sharing with paralegals like myself is invaluable. Thank you!

Jackie Van Dyke, MPS

Chere contacted me late-Fall, as she thought I would be a perfect interviewing candidate for a unique professional opportunity. Though I had been approached throughout my career by various recruiters, something about Chere's manner intrigued me, so I listened. The more we spoke I felt this was a journey I would like to learn more about. Over almost three months, TONS of phone calls and emails (and lots of interview discussions), Chere phoned me in December to congratulate me on getting the opportunity. I found Chere wonderfully communicative, extremely proactive, very hands-on and informative beyond belief. She is wise and provided great guidance along the way and I am extremely grateful (we even had a few spirited-but-healthy debates, but I ended up always following her advice!). Thank you Chere, as I am so glad you reached out that late-September afternoon, as your enthusiasm and zeal for your work is what made me initially listen, and when you described the opportunity I was instantly smitten. You are fantastic at what you do and I hope more learn about how wonderful you are.

Shellye PruitManager, Munger Tolles

Thank you for your powerful words of encouragement.

Pamela Prudhomme, MPA

Thank you, Ms. Estrin, for your dynamic presentation on how to address age discrimination. [I say dynamic as you clearly have a good sense of delivery and offered some great tips!]

Denise Blasick

Thank you for being the consummate professional and delivering a top quality candidate so quickly and painlessly. You totally came through, as Jim said you would. He is a big fan of yours, and you can now count me in that club as well.
Thank you for all you did to make this happen, and happen quickly, without compromising on quality.

Sr. Partner, Global Law Firm

You are indeed a wealth of knowledge and I am grateful to have come across your path and that we can work together as we do today.
I really appreciate and value your professional opinion!!
Thank you always for your sound advice and time!!
You ROCK Chere!!!

Grace VillanuevaHR Director, Dominguez Firm

Your last post "When This Mess is Over, I'm Gonna..." is truly uplifting and inspiring! What a mental and physical "red bull" boost! Thank you, Chere!

Evelina Masculi