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Lawfully Employed

Lawfully Employed is a Podcast Hosted by Chere Estrin. 

 This Podcast is for Rebels and Disruptors in the Legal Profession that are seeking to shatter the glass ceiling , gain a powerful career, and expand their expertise!

Future Proofing Paralegals: Are you headed in the right direction?

Our podcast fearlessly explores the dynamic world of paralegal careers with a touch of irreverence and a dash of humor. Join Chere Estrin and her guest, Joe Spada, an educator extraordinaire and the director of the renowned Boston University Paralegal Program, as he candidly delves into the issues that impact your legal career.

In this episode, Joe fearlessly tackles topics that matter to legal professionals, from the latest certification trends to upcoming licensing issues. Wondering what employers are looking for in today’s legal landscape? Curious about the secrets to a fulfilling career? Joe has you covered. Navigating the maze of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA)? Joe breaks it down for you.


But this podcast isn’t just about serious career advice; it’s infused with banter, laughter, and outrageous remarks that keep the conversation lively and entertaining. Tune in to discover how to not only survive but thrive in the legal world. Whether you’re a legal rebel, a disruptor, or just someone looking to guide their career in the right direction, “Lawfully Employed” is your go-to source for insights, laughs, and a fresh perspective on the legal profession. Get ready for an engaging journey where serious discussions meet a sense of humor, all aimed at helping you get ahead and get promoted in the ever-evolving field of law.

Why are DEI Efforts Falling Short?

Host Chere Estrin leads fearless conversations that redefine the discourse on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the legal industry. In this dynamic and eye-opening episode, Chere is joined by distinguished guests, Joyce Chen, Former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and CEO at Multicultural Leadership Institute, and Dr. Nikki Lanier, CEO of Harper Slade LLC. Together, they unravel the crucial issue of why law firms are not realizing the anticipated results from their DEI programs.

In this program, Chere, Joyce, and Dr. Nikki engage in a candid exploration of the flaws inherent in existing DEI initiatives. They tackle the crucial question of why these programs often fall short, overlooking key dimensions of diversity such as the physically challenged and other minorities. The conversation delves into the specific challenges faced by the Asian American community and sheds light on the nuances that often go unnoticed.

This is not just another discussion—it’s an honest and unfiltered dialogue about the proverbial elephant in the room. The trio fearlessly addresses the gaps in DEI programs, offering insightful suggestions on how law firms can bridge these divides—if only they’re willing to listen. From addressing blind spots to embracing a more comprehensive approach, Chere, Joyce, and Dr. Nikki provide actionable insights that promise to reshape the landscape of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

If you’re ready to confront the uncomfortable truths and join the conversation that goes beyond surface-level discussions, tune in to “Lawfully Employed” for an episode that challenges the status quo and paves the way for a more inclusive and equitable legal future.

Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

Host Chere Estrin fearlessly dives into the heart of the legal profession. In this compelling episode, Chere is joined by a true trailblazer, New York Times Bestselling author, coach, and psychotherapist, Dr. Lois Frankel, renowned for her groundbreaking works including “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office” and “Nice Girls Don’t Stand Up or Speak Out.”

This conversation is not just about breaking glass ceilings; it’s about shattering the stereotypes and dismantling the barriers that have held back women in the workplace. Chere and Dr. Frankel fearlessly tackle difficult and real issues that women face, exploring the reasons behind the reluctance to be assertive, debunking myths and beliefs surrounding assertive women, and shedding light on the discrimination that still persists on the job.

The episode delves into the intricate dynamics of how traditionally feminine behavior can undermine women’s career growth, and the duo doesn’t shy away from addressing the “girlish” behaviors that may unknowingly be holding you back at work. But fear not, as Dr. Frankel doesn’t just point out the challenges—she provides actionable and doable solutions, some easy and some more challenging or time-consuming.

Propel Your Career with AI featuring Wisedocs

In this episode, we delve into the transformative landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the legal field, brought to you by our sponsor, Wisedocs. Get ready to Propel Your Career with AI as Chere welcomes special guests Connor Atchison, Founder of Wisedocs, and Jenna Earnshaw, Head of Revenue.

The decision to embrace AI in the legal world can be daunting, and Chere fearlessly tackles the tough questions: How does AI impact your career? Will AI fulfill the ominous predictions, potentially wiping out 44% of lawyer jobs and reshaping the paralegal field? Our guests, Connor and Jenna, bring their expertise to the table, shedding light on how to best leverage AI to your advantage.

Connor, the visionary Founder of Wisedocs, shares insights into how his company is reimagining claims by introducing automation and intelligent medical records processing to the insurance ecosystem. Jenna, with a decade of experience in scaling tech startups to 8-figure revenue, provides a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and the legal realm.

This episode isn’t just about the current state of AI; it’s about where it’s headed and how it will continue to enhance accuracy over time. Join Chere, Connor, and Jenna as they demystify the impact of AI on legal careers, offering practical advice and valuable insights. Whether you’re a legal rebel, a disruptor, or simply navigating the evolving legal landscape, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Tune in to “Lawfully Employed” for an informative and forward-thinking discussion that explores the intersection of law and technology and learn how AI can be a powerful ally in propelling your legal career to new heights. Brought to you by Wisedocs, this episode promises to be a game-changer in the world of legal innovation.

Are you Ready for AI to Steal your Job?

Host Chere Estrin leads a blow-your-mind panel discussion featuring distinguished industry leaders—Dan Moulder, Kevna Patel, and Steve Goldstein—exploring the fears, myths, and realities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing to the legal scene.

As the legal landscape undergoes a profound transformation with the advent of AI, this discussion confronts pressing questions that many in the legal profession are grappling with. Join Chere and her prominent guests as they unravel the multifaceted impact of AI in law.

From the practical applications of AI to concerns about accuracy and reliability, the panel dives into the depths of what AI can be used for and how we can ensure its precision. The conversation extends to the trajectory of legal jobs—where are they headed, and will the workload decrease or increase?

The panel delves into the implications for salaries, the potential acceleration, or bogging down of legal processes, and the burning question of whether billables will see a decrease.

This thought-provoking discussion is a comprehensive exploration of the hopes, wants, dreams, and fears surrounding the AI revolution in the legal field. Whether you’re a legal rebel seeking to navigate the changing landscape or a disruptor curious about the future of your profession, this episode promises to provide valuable insights and perspectives from industry leaders who are at the forefront of these transformative changes.

Tune in to “Lawfully Employed” for a riveting conversation that covers the spectrum of possibilities and challenges in the AI revolution, offering a nuanced understanding of how it may shape the future of legal careers.

Are you Causing your Own Age Discrimination?

In this episode, Chere confronts an ever-present challenge in the job market: age discrimination against older workers. Get ready for a frank and enlightening discussion that goes beyond the typical advice, offering practical insights on overcoming age-related obstacles and securing the job you deserve.

Chere dives into the intricacies of how attitudes, phrases, appearance, skills, and even lifestyle choices can inadvertently reinforce age stereotypes. But fear not—this isn’t your average “what to do if” podcast. Instead, Chere empowers you with proactive strategies to prevent age discrimination from the get-go.

This episode is a masterclass in reshaping perceptions. Chere shares invaluable advice on how to present yourself in a way that highlights your personality, skill set, and the unique value you bring to the table.

 It’s not about conforming to stereotypes; it’s about breaking free from them and showcasing your expertise and capabilities.

If you’re a legal rebel or disruptor navigating the challenges of the job market, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in to “Lawfully Employed” for a compelling conversation that not only addresses the issue of age discrimination head-on but also provides actionable tips to ensure that your experience and skills shine, regardless of the number on your birth certificate. Don’t just settle for a job—learn how to secure the job that truly values what you bring to the legal profession.

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Estrin Legal Staffing
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Linda Gutierrez
Linda Gutierrez
April 20, 2022.
I had the pleasure of working with Madeline and Brett they were quick to respond and get me situated with an amazing opportunity.
Brittany Toth
Brittany Toth
March 31, 2022.
I really enjoy working with this company. I’ve been working directly with Brett and he’s awesome. Super responsive and works hard to find something for you. He also doesn’t give up on you so if something ends up not working out he’ll get right back to trying to find you something. I’ve really felt supported every step of the way and recommend Estrin Legal Staffing 100%.
Audrey P.
Audrey P.
March 30, 2022.
My last two hires (different positions) were from Estrin! I am thrilled to work with them!
Rana Hill
Rana Hill
March 21, 2022.
I can't say enough good things about this staffing company, and in particular Madeline Weissman. She was more thorough and organized than any other recruiter I have worked with in the past. She spelled out everything to be successful during the interview process to make it super easy to be a successful candidate. Do not hesitate to reach out to them (specifically to Madeline!) or to apply for any openings Estrin posts. Thank you Madeline for being so on top of everything!!
Laurie Gondreau
Laurie Gondreau
March 19, 2022.
Madeline Weissman was an excellent recruiter for me and worked diligently, quickly and effectively to hook me up with a great law firm. I'm overjoyed to have found her and grateful for the hard work and help she provided to me.
Anush M.
Anush M.
March 18, 2022.
Estrin Legal Staffing is the best in the business - they are professional, provide necessary guidance, encouragement and invaluable advice. Their candidate and employer match up is top notch and delivers successful results. Maggie was a pleasure to work with - amazing personality, super responsive and diligent.
Esmeralda Weinstein
Esmeralda Weinstein
March 8, 2022.
I worked with Madeline and she was amazing! She’s about business and I love that. She helped me get an interview where I wanted to work for. She is fast at responding and let’s you know every update she has on her end until we know if we got the position or not. Thank you so much!!
Selene Vega
Selene Vega
March 7, 2022.
Maddie is awesome! She is so supportive and professional. I am so HAPPY to be working with her. I know I am in good hands with Maddie on my side. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for her and Estrin Legal Staffing.
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
March 7, 2022.
Stacey is the absolute best! She is very diligent and hardworking & strives for the best results & I appreciate everything she’s done to help me in my career! 🤎🤎