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Paralegal education

Will Paralegals End Up with Too Much Power?

By Careers, Paralegal education

Dubois, of course, has to make sure that he cites a paralegal who stole some money as a possible example of why paralegals should not be given more power. Get real, Dubois. Paralegals in that kind of trouble are rare which is why it hits the news. One only has to pick up any monthly magazine such as the California State Bar newsletter and see pages and pages of suspended or disbarred attorneys who have had licenses ripped away for stealing from client’s trust accounts.

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Legal Project Management – The Next New Area for Paralegals to Conquer?

By Books, Careers, EDD, Paralegal education, Paralegal utilization

It seems that suddenly, law firms have woken to the fact that the corporate world has a whole new technique out there to manage projects. Simply called Project Management, the area is booming. And, as always, the legal field tends to be the last to get in on the bandwagon. But for argument’s sake, let’s just say it arrived.

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