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Brutally honest signs there’s trouble in paradise

By Chere B. Estrin 

Does this sound familiar? You landed your dream job at a firm that promotes from within, has given you a salary that surpasses anything you have ever received and has all the same values you have ever sought in a position. Added to that, the atmosphere is great, teamwork rampant and well, let’s not even go into the fantastic benefits. You’ve arrived.

But after a while, something seems to have changed. Sure, it seems like things are normal on the surface but there are subtle signs that the tide is turning and that dream job is not so dreamy anymore. At first, you ignore the signals. Then, you begin to wonder what’s going on. You tell yourself it’s not you, the firm is changing. Yet, you can’t point to what it is about the firm that has changed. Finally, you realize, “uh, oh…..I just might be in trouble here.” That’s trouble with a T: no praising with a P.

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