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Don’t Make Rookie Mistakes and Blow Your Interview

It’s interesting how some people think they are giving a great interview. Sometimes, it is just downright laughable.

A couple of months ago, we were searching for a new recruiter for our own organization. We interviewed a number of people but couldn’t seem to find the right person. I interviewed a candidate that while I thought maybe was not quite right, should go for a second interview with our team. (Always trust your gut – it’s experience that is talking.)

Fast forward to the Zoom interview with my entire team.

[Open Zoom] “I am not feeling very well today,” said the candidate in her opening conversation. Somehow, I wasn’t getting it. Zoom in on the video and she seemed to be sitting on her bed. Upon closer look, she was actually in bed under the covers. Our team seemed reluctant to continue the interview so we cut it short. What I didn’t recognize that my team pointed out immediately, was that the candidate was not only in bed, she was in her p.j.’s……..

Obviously, that was a 10 minute courtesy interview. Yep, this is a true story, no exaggeration.