Deposition Summarizing

By experienced attorneys and senior level litigation paralegals.

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Estrin Legal Staffing offers the highest quality deposition summarizing services from experienced attorneys and senior level litigation paralegals.

We carefully boil down testimony to facts, cautiously keep track of names, dates, exhibits, numbers. dates, statistics and deposition inconsistencies.

Our skilled summarizers provide a carefully crafted summary of essential events; and arrange your deposition summary in logical paragraphs of subject material. We are happy to use your format or ours!

Here’s what you will receive:

  • Our standard rates for deposition summarizing are $2.25 per transcript page for electronic transcripts submitted via email. Hard copy transcripts sent via Fed/Ex are $2.50 per transcript page plus return postage.
  • We offer discounts for projects over 3,500 transcript pages. (Conditions apply).
  • Expert witness deposition transcripts, trial and hearing transcripts are billed at $2.50 per transcript page.
  • Payment for all deposition summaries are due upon receipt of the project unless otherwise arranged. We accept Visa and Master Card.
  • Turnaround time for your summaries is 7 to 10 calendar days unless otherwise arranged.
  • Rush projects are 76 hours or less accruing Monday through Friday. Rush projects are billed at $3.75 per transcript page. Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays incur additional charges.
  • Our standard page/line format with topic lines is two columns. We also offer a three column format. (Please ask us for our Deposition Summary samples).
  • Our normal summary is one summarized page per 7-13 transcript pages.
  • If you have a preferred style, please provide a sample.
If you are planning to outsource deposition summarizing services, reach out to us today. We’ll even offer a free trial so you can judge for yourself why other clients keep coming back.

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